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The Oriental Collection of the University Library, founded by the famous Hungarian mongolist, turcologist and tibetologist Lajos Ligeti was opened at the end of 1987 in order to help the establishment of an international research centre on Altaistics in Szeged.

The collection contains 11 thousand documents (books, offprints and periodicals). Most of them - according to Ligeti's field of interest - deal with mongolistics, turcology, tibetology and sinology.

The collection is strong in Turkic, Mongolian and Chinese linguistics, Hungarian prehistory, history of Eurasian nomadic peoples, Buddhism, Shamanism. Visitors also can find text-books and dictionaries in different oriental languages (Turkish, Mongolian, Chinese, Sanskrit, Arabic, Hebrew etc.)

Altough the cataloguing of the material is not finished yet, visitors can use all documents of the collection and they can search in a printed catalouge of monographs on Altaistics (with subject heading index in English). Web-users can search in our database which contains monographs and collective volumes on Altaistics catalogued by that time.

All documents can be used only locally
copies of articles or books are available.