JATE University Library Special Collections

Old and Rare Books
The impressive reading room of old books on the first floor stores a very valuable part of the University Library. The coll ection consists of the following sections: 1/incunabula; 2/ 16th century books printed abroad; 3/ a Baroque collection of 17th century foreign documents; 4/ books published in, or relating to, Hungary up to 1711; 5/ 18-19th century books published in, or relating to, Hungary.

Manuscripts. The major part of this collection is constituted by bequests of famous professors of the University but there are also such rare documents in it e.g. a 16th century illustrated Arabian codex, or a medieval Aristotle manuscript.

Parliamentary Documents. The collection consists of Hungarian parliamentary papers of the period between 1790 and 1848, and those from 1867 up to present days.

Archivalia. This contains microfilm and xerox copies of pre- 1526 documents preserved in the National Archives.

Bulletins. This collection (one of the richest of its kind in the country) contains school bulletins, from the year of foundation of the institutions to nowadays, from the territory of the historical Hungary.

Special Library for Medieval Studies. This small but very special section with its handbooks, fact-books and documents serves researchers of the following fields: Hungarian and European medieval history, history of civilization, history of church and historical geography.